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I have owned and worked German Shepherd dogs for over thirty years. After breeding Tydain German Shepherd Dogs with my husband, Steve, for 20 years I decided it was time to buy a smaller dog to keep as a pet in the house. I have never considered small dogs before and I took a lot of time to choose my preferred breed.

I wanted a dog with character, a breed with a working background, especially good at tracking as this has always been my favourite activity with the GSDs. I eventually decided on a standard wire haired Dachshund, I love their 'old man wizardy' faces with their beards and bushy eyebrows and have always liked wire and rough coated dogs.
When we were researching the breed on the internet we found that they were used for deer hunting and tracking, these working lines are called Teckels. Of course one wouldn't do, we did something we have always warned prospective owners against, we bought two puppies at the same time. One from show lines (Brontë) and one from working lines (Willow), we wanted to learn about the differences in the two types and by rearing them together in exactly the same way we could rule out differences due to nurture.
The girls, hopefully the founders of our future lines, were the inspiration for my kennel name of Brontillow